Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing Company

  • Created: 22 May 2018
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  • City: Bangalore

A well established high precision Manufacturing Company with high end high accuracy machines and major global customers in Aerospace, Defence and Nuclear sectors in south India is looking for investment. They are ready for JV with suitable partners and also ready to sell the Company.  

The company has a battery of state of the art machines and a team of highly skilled professionals to execute complex manufacturing processes to ensure high level of process capability for all required quality parameters. 

The company has an excellent reputation for consistently producing difficult to manufacture parts with difficult to machine materials. The Company has all the required certifications and accreditations to execute high precision jobs for the Aerospace and Defence industries in India and abroad. Aerospace and Defence industry has a high entry barrier and it would  normally take about 5 to 7 years for a new Company to well establish in Aerospace and Defence domains  with all the required Certifications  and accreditations.   

The key domestic customers of this Company are Ordinance Factories, HAL, NFC, ISRO, VSSC, LPSC, ASL, BDL, and DRDL: the overseas customers are Magellan Aerospace, Moog Controls, GE, Rafael, Turbomacea and Pratt & Whitney.

The business operates on very healthy EBITDA of 35 to 40% with very limited competition ensuring continued profitability commensurate with order flow. The current order on hand is about Rs.75 Crores:,