Apollo Micro Systems Limited

Plot No. 128/A, Road No. 12, IDA- Mallapur, Uppal Mandal, R.R. District - 500076, Hyderabad
Ruggedized Systems,
A.K Sai Kumar, Director, Ph: 27167000, Fax: 27150820, Email: sales@apollo-micro.com

Apollo Micro systems Limited is a well established public listed company with a proven track record of 35 years. Our design and manufacturing facility is located in Hyderabad with support centers spread across India. We are pioneers in Design, Development and production of rugged custom buil hardware and software solutions for mission critical applications. We offer solutions based on state of the art technologies for aerospace, defence, space, railways, automotive and home land decurity sectors. We have delivered turnkey solution and have a proven track record in deisgn and development of customized rugged onboard systems.