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BDO-I2I Israel India business consulting is a subsidiary of BDO Israel, and has been for many years active in the Indian market. Today BDO-I2I is the leading Indo-Israeli Business Development & Consulting firm, focused on providing Business Development and Professional Services, BDO-I2I is a “One stop shop” solutions for Indian and Israeli companies. We are serving our customers through a front office in Tel-Aviv and Bangalore India, Our team is composed from a senior Israeli-Indian management team with deep understanding and a strong network in both the Israeli and the Indian markets, mainly in the Defense, High-Tech & Advanced Technologies, Industries and Financial services sectors. Being a part of BDO Ziv Haft, we are able to provide our clients a wide variety of business services, starting from market research and survey, planning of a strategic and Business Plans, assisting and consulting through a JV’s establishments and a cross borders M&A’s, locating business partners, establishing a Sales and Distribution channels and more. The firm specializes in creating a genuine business synergy between Israeli and Indian companies, while providing the tools for succeeding by maximum adaptation to our clients' goals. Our physical presence in both countries offers our clients a substantial advantage and enables us to provide our services in the most professional manner. BDO-I2I has proven success stories in assisting Israeli companies to develop their business and activities in the Indian market.