Bhumika Alloy Castings Pvt Ltd


H. D. Deepak, Email:, Phn: +91(0)98805 30102, Off: +91-8182-233969, Fax: +91-8182-233864
Address: Sri Rampura Village, Sagar Road, Shimoga - 577 204, Karnataka, India
Product Category: Castings, Rings, Tubing

By Centrifugal Casting process products like Tubes, Bushes, Cylinders, Rings, Bowl Shells, Sleeves, Metalic Gaskets (Size Range, Outer Diameter 60mm to 500mm, Total Length 1000mm) | By Investment casting process products like Parts of Automotive Sectors, General Engineering, Medial Implants, Water Treatment Plant, Petro chemicals, Fertilizers, Diary Equipments etc (Weight range from 200gms to 20Kgs)