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Antennas, Radars, Radio Communications,
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Wide band Point to Point ECCM Radios | Point to Multi Point ECCM Radio | Frequency Hopping Radio Relay (FHRR) | Short Range Communication Systems | ULSB (Unit Level switch Board) | Digital Control Harness (VISTA) | Voice Command Control System (VCCS) | Jammer Power Amplifiers (JPA) | Multi Channel Tuner for Direction Finding applications | VHF/UHF Exciter for ECM applications | Digital Microwave Radios | Radar | Antennas (for all categories) | Towers | Shelters/Containers | Telescopic Masts | WiMax | Turnkey Services - Telecom Network Planning, design, deployment, operation and maintenance for GSM & CDMA Networks | Special Structures for LF/ VLF communication | Intracom for EW & MISSILE Systems | DVOR Antenna Counterpoise | Solar power based Solutions | ICOMM is OEM and system integrator. ICOMM has earned substantial brand equity in customized products for defence applications. R&D is recognized by DSIR. For some of the secured communication equipment to be used by the Indian defence, ICOMM is the only Indian manufacturer with its own designs