Indomen Engineering Service

ISO 9001 - 2008
B/2 New Raipur (Opposite Raipur Club), Garia, Kolkata - 700 084
Furnaces, Ovens, Process equipment,
Mr.Jayanta Chakraborty, Email: Ph: +91 98310 78552

INDOMEN ENGINEERING SERVICE is a privately held Kolkata based engineering firm specializing in engineering and project management services for industrial sectors. Industrial Heat Treatment Furnace is our core area of operation. As an engineering company Indomen is dedicated to provide services conforming to exacting requirements of Quality and Time.

INDOMEN ENGINEERING SERVICE, setup in 1999, specializes in a wide range of Heat Treatment Furnaces, Industrial ovens and a select range of Process Plants. The organization has over a hundred successful furnace installations all over India with renowned Government, Public and Private sector units. We specialize in manufacturing customized high quality furnaces and ovens for critical applications with indigenous and foreign collaborated designs. We have a team of highly qualified design engineers as well as experienced service team to support our customers.

INDOMEN has over 100 installed furnaces working successfully at various parts in the country. Be it a small batch furnace or an automated and continuous big one, Indomen attaches the same degree of diligence and attention to everything it does.

To supplement our product range and to offer our customers a wide range of specialized furnaces Indomen also represent :BMI, France - Specialized in vacuum furnaces

The Company will provide multi disciplinary engineering services and procurement and construction services in any project especially in the areas of heat treatment furnace and selected processing units.

Services provided by Indomen will be IT enabled and deliverables will be generated through intelligent CAE & D (Computer Aided Engineering & Design).  Indomen can offer, as per client’s wish both EPC/LSTK or EPCM (Engineering consultancy) services.

Indomen will be able to provide both Technology and complete Basic and Detail Engineering for the PROCESS Industries.