Nucon Aerospace

AS 9100 Rev C ISO9001:2008 and CEMILAC
88 B/1, CIE, Balanagar, Hyderbad - 500037
Actuation system, Avionics, cable Harness and Assemblies,
Mr P.N Muni Prasad AGM-BDM +91 9391017446 E-mail: Phone: +91 40 2307413Fax: +91 4023074009E-mail:

Nucon Aerospace products include control actuation system, embedded control system, avionics, cable Harness and assemblies for commercial and military application as well as low pressure and high pressure pneumatic systems. We design and manufacture the highest quality product which meet the criteria of our customer and appropriate regulatory authorities.

At Nucon, we have a robust research and development department which helps to increase the stock of knowledge and transcends too many domains. R&D is a key area of investment in the company with a fixed percentage of revenues allocated to R&D investment each year. Project champion must sell their ideas to the management team in order to get the funding granted for their project. This has helped Nucon excel in all R&D activities undertaken by team