Permanent Magnets Limited

ISO 9001 AS 9100D IATF 16949 EMS 14001 ISO45001
Head Office:B3, MIDC Area, Mira Road, Maharashtra, INDIA 401104.
Current sensors, Magnetic and RF Shields, Zero Gauss Chambers, Dry Hydrogen Heat Treatments, Magnetic Measurements, Magnets,
Shri. Ajit R. Vanjare, Email id: , Phone: +91 9821477735

Products and Services offered: Soft magnetic alloy components such as

  1. Flux Concentrators for hall sensor logic current sensors
  2. Magnetic and RF Shields: formed and deep drawn
  3. Zero Gauss Chambers in Mu metal
  4. Stator and Rotor laminations for motors/generators
  5. Components and Assemblies for Solenoids
  6. Conventional and Axial wound toroidal cores for high RPM motors
  7. CBCT assemblies
  8. Precision machined components for various above applications
  9. Current sensing Modules and assemblies


  1. Dry Hydrogen Heat Treatments
  2. Design, Simulation
  3. Magnetic Measurements