SR Enterprises

‘SRI’ Buildings, Near Post Office, Kammagondanahalli, Jalahalli West, Bangalore - 560 015, Karnataka
S. Rajan, Email:, Off: +91-80-2838 8168, Fax: +91-80-2838 8168
Products - Special Purpose Machines (SPM's) Such As Fuse Board Mfg Machines, Multi Spindle Drilling Machines, Automated Buffing Machine, Glass Grinding Machines, Surface Lapping Machines, Curve Polishing Machines, Cylindrical Grinding Machines, Etc | Fixtures and Jigs for specialised Aero Space Applications such as 5 Axis Mirror Mount, Tiltable V-Block, Gimball Mirror Mount, Lab Scissor Jacks, Precision Linear Translators | Manufacturing Capabilities - Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) For Customised Needs. Design & Manufacture of various types of Machines with Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Servo Drives (CNC).