Tata Industrial Services Ltd (TISL)

AS 9100 C
24, Homi Mody Street Mumbai- 400001
Ground Handling Equipment,
Email: til@tata.com, Phn: +91-(22) 66657373

Mandated to aggregate capabilities of both Tata & Non-Tata Group partnering companies to offer multi process multi plant complex solutions to meet their global supply requirements, TISL provides offset project management services, supply chain integration & supply chain services for Aerospace, Defence, Civil and Homeland Security segments in range of areas like: Engineering Design Support (Conceptual & System Design, CFD analysis, Weight Optimization), Precision Machined/Sheet Metal/Composite Components & Sub assemblies (Fuselage, Control Surfaces & Rotary Platform Sub assemblies like Bottom Structure/Transmission & Engine Deck, Tail Boom etc), Aerospace Gears, Hydraulic Actuators, Electronics/Avionics Components & Sub assemblies, Ruggedisation, Cable Harness, EMI-EMC and other Tests, GSE (Complex Servicing Platforms/Covers/Landing Gear Locks/Servicing Trolleys), GHE (Towing arms), Test Equipments (stand alone & Automated etc), Technical Documentation, Product Life Cycle Management Support, Re-engineering Support (for modification & upgradations), Support for Indigenization.