VEE J PEE Aluminium Foundry

ISO 9001
9, Sowripalayam Road, Opp. Sujini Mills, Coimbatore - 641 028, Tamil Nadu
Gravity Die Casting (Aluminium), Pressure Die Casting (Aluminium),
T. Kannathasan, Email:, Phn: +91(0)97897 79397,Off: +91-422-2319777, 2314000, Fax: +91-422-2314000

VJP Aluminium Foundry specializes in the development and supply of Gravity die casting and Aluminium Sand castings. Over the years,the company has successfully built itself as a flexible and versatile organisation capable of handling high volumes and low volume business which very few foundries in the globe are able to manage.

From 100 gms to more than 100 kgs per component, VJP has both techical and process capability to manufacture aluminium castings in low and high volumes

We believe in continuous updation of technology. The company manufacturers its own tools - dies, patterns & fixtures and has the technology to develop methoding for components and customized production systems to assist in production activities.

Working for different industries from automobiles to aerospace, has given the insight into the world's most critical quality standards for manufacturing and testing requirements. ASTM, DIN, MIL, ISO, AMS ...

The company has 3 units in the city of Coimbatore, an industrial in South India. All process from Gravity die casting, Sand casting, Heat Treatment, Surface blasting, Radiography, Fluid penetrant, Machining, Tool making and all required testing equipments are available inhouse.

The company has grown along with customer requirements. We have dedicated production cells for our priority customers.

VJP's vast experience helps our customers in co-developing products. We work with the customer to achieve design for manufacturing. A dedicated R&D team helps in improving process and technology in the shopfloor

VJP partners with Supply Chain Management companies to offer customers with FOB and CIF delivery