Airbus signs major Engineering Services contract with AXISCADES and QuEST

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bangalore: Airbus has signed strategic agreements with AXISCADES and QuEST for providing critical engineering services as tier 1 suppliers. AXISCADES will provide the services for Fuselage parts and QuEST will offer services for the Wings of all Airbus Aircraft.

AXISCADES and QuEST have dedicated development centres in Bangalore with about 500 engineers to deliver these services. This is the second time that these companies winning the Airbus contract. Past performance,the cost and competency factors helped them emerge as the top choice among the 7 contentors according to Airbus.

"Through 'Make in India' partnerships like these we have Indian engineering expertise flying on Airbus planes. Outside Europe, India provides the maximum volume of engineering services to Airbus compared to any other country" said Dr.Srinivasan Dwarakanath, President, Airbus Division in India.

Representing AXISCADES Shri.Sudhakar Gande, Vice Chairman said that " We are delighted to extend our collaboration with different divisions of Airbus at a time when the industry is looking at digital design services to cut production cost and time."

"Winning the contract again marks another milestone in our strategic partnership with Airbus.It reflects our commitment to supporting transformation through engineering solutions for our customers"said Shri.Ajit Prabhu, COO, QuEST Global.

Airbus Group shares a long-standing relationship of collaboration and symbiotic growth with India. The Airbus engineering facility in Bengaluru employs around 400 engineers who focus on core engineering in areas such as Structural analysis, Computational fluid dynamics, Avionics software design and testing
System simulation, Digital mock-ups and system installation.

A network of 45 suppliers from different parts of India offers products and services based on their Engineering, Manufacturing and Services expetise to Airbus. Annual procurement of Airbus from India was over USD 500 million in 2015 generating over 6000 jobs.