Alpha Design Technologies to have major presence at Aero India

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bangalore: Alpha Design Technologies Private Limited, a Bangalore based firm specializing in R&D and manufacturing Defence and Space related equipment and system, is focusing on Upgradation of Older generation Defence and Space System,developing new products and Export oriented Products.

Alpha Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd., (ALPHA) has achieved significant progress since its inception in 2004 and is a major player in the development and productionisation of large numbers of defence electronics and avionics equipment and systems in India. The company provides state of the art equipment and systems to Army, Navy & Air Force and Para Military Forces through our own R&D efforts and through strong relations with Technology Partners in India & abroad.

Alpha is one of the fastest growing defence R&D and Production unit with sales turnover of Rs. 401.03 Crores ($66.84 Mn) (against turnover of Rs. 219.04 Cr during 2014-2015) and impressive Order Book position of Rs. 2400.00 Crores (USD 342.85 Mn). In addition, large number of indigenously developed and co-developed equipment /systems are in various phases of User Trials / evaluations by the Defence and Para Military Forces.

The Company is displaying Mi-17 HELICOPTER, INFANTRY COMBAT VEHICLE (ICV) – BMP-2 and CHEETAH HELICOPTER for which major upgrades were done successfully.

New product demo include SMART CITY solutions for the SMART CITY Project to cater for the following important and critical aspects:-
a.ACTIVE SURVEILLANCE: 24 hours, 365 days, continuous surveillance through series of high-end Day and Night Surveillance Cameras, fully networked.
b.TARGET RECOGNITION: Any wanted/selected person can be traced from the time of his/her arrival to the time of his departure from the area of surveillance by recognizing his/her stored features, comparison, recognition and tracing his/her movement by handing over the same from one Surveillance Camera to the other.
c.CAR/TRUCK/VEHICLE RECOGNITION INCLUDING NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION:Same principle as (b) above is adopted to track/trace/observe/recognise the selected Vehicle throughout.
d.NETWORKING AND HIGH END ENCRYPTION:These are in built and coordinated to be observed/checked/verified from Central Observation Post.

UPGRADE FOR REMOTE CONTROL OF LORROS (LONG RANGE RECONNISSANCE, RECOGNITION AND OBSERVATION SYSTEM) AND HAND HELD THERMAL IMAGER SIGHT (HHTI):Dy Chief of Army Staff had organized a visit of some of the Heads of Defence Private Sector Industries to forward areas in Kashmir six months back. Col Shankar, VSM (Retd) was the head of this Delegation. During the visit to forward-most areas in Uri/Poonch/Baramulla areas, the Infantry Commanders and troops had desired Remote Control and Display of LORROS and HHTI Sights upto 5/10 KMs distance through Radio Communications, so that LORROS & HHTI could be controlled remotely in PAN/TILT/FOCUS and also Display of areas under observation could be seen at Commander’s forward bunkers. Based on this requirement Alpha’s young engineers have developed the system and these are displayed in Alpha’s Stall. This will provide a great advantage to forward troops. The systems will now be offered to Northern Command and after field trials, it is expected to be procured by Army/BSF in large quantities from Alpha.