Defence Equipment Manufacturing industry in India

Friday, July 28, 2017

New Delhi: Defence equipment manufacturing units under Ordinance Factory Board, manufacturing units of 9 Defence Public Sector Undertakings and some Private Companies are engaged in the manufacturing of Defence products in India. There are 41 manufacturing units under Ordinance Factory Board in India, 47 manufacturing facilities under Defence Public Sector under takings and 66 Defence manufacturing facilities in Private Sector.

Karnataka has maximum number of 30 Defence manufacturing units with 15 units under Defence PSUs and 15 Units in Private Sector. Maharashtra has 24 units with 10 under OFB, 5 under DPSUs and 9 in Private Sector. Uttar Pradesh has 16 manufacturing units with 9 units under OFB, 4 units under DPSUs and 3 in Private Sector. Telangana has 15 manufacturing units with one unit under OFB, 5 units under DPSUs and 9 units in Private Sector. Tamil Nadu has 13 manufacturing units with 6 units under OFB, one unit under DPSU and 6 units in Private Sector. West Bengal has 11 manufacturing units with 4 under OFB, 6 under DPSUs and one in Private sector.

342 licenses have been issued to 205 Indian companies for manufacturing defence products and 6 licenses have been issued to Indian companies for manufacturing of defence explosives.