ILA Goes Digital: The world’s first digital aerospace show


As the world’s longest-running aerospace show ILA has always stood for innovation and leadership in this high-tech industry. In these times in which due to the coronavirus pandemic all large events have been banned, ILA is charting a new course. Starting on 13 May, as the world’s first digital aerospace show, ILA will provide fascinating and forward-looking online content that reflects the dynamic developments and innovative drive of the industry. Thus, the fascinating world of aerospace can also be experienced from afar. Every Wednesday from 13 May until the end of July the latest digital content will be available on the ILA Goes Digital website (online on May 13).

The wide-ranging programme targets the key ILA topics of innovation, sustainability and digitalisation, the driving forces of future technologies in aerospace. Discussions will look at how to navigate the path towards carbon-neutral aviation, smart factories and cybersecurity, for example.

Whether for decision-makers from politics, business, science, research, companies, or industry newcomers and fans of aviation, ILA has always been a platform for exchanging ideas and networking in order to keep in touch with the technological future of the industry.

This is an important function it will also fulfil in digital form. At ILA Goes Digital the focus will be just as much on interviews with industry experts, webinars and presentations of innovative technology as it will be on matchmaking. Attendees can join the discussion and make contact under the hashtags #IlaGoesDigital, #AeroSpaceInsights and #WeAreAviation.

Particularly in these difficult times, being able to exchange information on specialist subjects and on a personal level is more important than ever, in order to drive forward innovation and help shape the future of the aerospace industry.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020
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