Ministry of Civil Aviaiton invites stakeholders comments on Draft report on Skill gap analysis and future road map for Skill development.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Delhi: Ministry of Civil Aviation has hired ICRA Management Consultancy Services Ltd. (IMaCS) to undertake a comprehensive skill gap analysis of the Civil Aviation sector and to formulate a future road map for Skill Development in the Sector.IMaCS has now submitted their Draft Report. The report may be seen on the Ministry's website:

The Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India invites comments of stakeholders on the analysis and recommendations made in the report. The report will be available on the website for 3 weeks and all stakeholders are requested to send their comments within the stipulated time at the following email address:ersec.moca@) Last date of receipt of comments is 25th February, 2015 upto 5.00 PM.