SpaceCom Launches Marketplace for Space Commercialization

Monday, October 2, 2017

Houston: The Space Commerce Conference and Expo (SpaceCom), the largest commercial space conference in the world, has unveiled details for the upcoming 2017 show. The three-day event returns to the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston this Dec. 5-7. Showcasing space innovations that drive smart business, SpaceCom explores new opportunities and best practices for collaboration across key industries that drive our global economy.

The aerospace industry remains the focal point for SpaceCom, with an emphasis on fostering new public-private partnerships and exploring ways to engage directly with NASA, international space agencies and commercial space entrepreneurs. In addition, SpaceCom addresses opportunities for terrestrial industries such as agribusiness, energy and maritime to achieve valuable efficiencies through space-enabled Earth observation and satellite services. The conference will also shine a spotlight on revolutionary new developmental and research opportunities in space that are now available to the medical and advanced manufacturing fields.

This year’s conference program is made up of interactive and informative sessions led by business leaders with direct experience who will share their findings with stakeholders in each of these sectors. The panel break-out sessions are divided into five demand tracks: terrestrial industries, capital seekers, government, commercial space and a new track on future demand. This latter track examines asteroid mining, putting activities on and around the Moon, and uncovering the infrastructure and technology that could realistically get humans to Mars by the 2030s. See the full list of panel discussions.

“The commercialization of space is creating incredible business opportunities for the future,” said James Causey, executive director for SpaceCom. “Space-enabled services are not just for rocket scientists anymore. SpaceCom connects industries and businesses that may not normally work together by delivering engaging educational seminars and workshops. This fun and interactive format brings buyers and sellers together and shows them how to become space smart.”

More than 110 speakers have committed to this year’s event, including the following keynote presenters:

· Robert M. Lightfoot, NASA acting administrator
· Daniel Kraft, M.D., chair of medicine at Singularity University & founder of Exponential Medicine
· Walter Scott, CEO of DigitalGlobe
· Rupert Pearce, CEO of Inmarsat
· Bernard Kutter, chief scientist, United Launch Alliance
· Grady Booch, chief scientist for software engineering & chief scientist for Watson/M, IBM
· Christopher Codella, Ph.D., public sector CTO for Watson Group at IBM

Highlights to the 2017 event include:

SpaceCom Entrepreneur Workshop & Competition – A full-day workshop that helps start-up entrepreneurs refine their business plan and pitch, as well as provide insights for identifying investment sources. Judges will select the most promising proposals to be showcased throughout SpaceCom 2017. The workshop and competition takes place on Dec. 4 and will be hosted and facilitated by Angelus Funding