TimeTooth – the Company behind successful development of Landing gear for Rustom - II

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Noida: The Defense Research and Development Organization’s (DRDO’s) successful maiden flight of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle RUSTOM – II was also the success story of TimeTooth Technologies Private Limited which designed and developed the crucial Landing gear unit for this Drone. The critical functions of the Landing gear involve ground-handling (steering, braking, etc.), take-off and Landing shock absorption. TimeTooth designed, developed and supplied Rustom II program’s Landing Gear for medium altitude long ndurance (MALE) UAV.

“In the immediate future, TimeTooth Technologies is expecting to partner more closely with the TAPAS 201 (RUSTOM II)program to develop more advanced Landing Gears – like a retractable version further optimized for weight. In the medium term, TimeTooth is set to expand its facility to gear up for the limited series production of the Landing Gear system of the RUSTOM II program,” said TimeTooth Technologies Director Girish Mudgal. Girish has worked in the engineering simulation domain in USA at firms like Altair Engineering Inc and Daimler Chrysler Technology Centre, before returning to India as an entrepreneur.

Over the last decade, TimeTooth Technologies has contributed in systems engineering for programs of national interest like AGNI V, AGNI IV, Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle(FICV), Aditya Direct Energy Laser Weapons, AAKASHAirForce Launcher, Medium Range Surface to Air Missiles, Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator vehicles, as well as Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactor Shutdown Systems.

“With the MALE and HALE drone market in India and the world poised for growth, TimeTooth has established itself as a top-notch Indian technology firm which can deliver on such high-performance requirements of the Defence, Aerospace and Space industries,” said TimeTooth Technologies Director Amitav. Amitav has managed engineering and vendor development activities at major automotive OEMs like Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki for many years before turning serial entrepreneur.

In an unmanned aircraft, the perfect functioning of the Landing Gear is extremely critical to enable the remote pilots to control the aircraft during take-off and landing. Noida based TimeTooth technologies engineered Oleo-Pneumatic Landing Gear to meet the Federal Airworthiness Regulations (FAR 23) standards of United States.

“During the design, we employed advanced computer aided engineering (CAE) simulations to optimize the performance of the system before it is built, leading to a first-time-right product”, quipped Yogesh Agarwal – the Lead Designer of the TimeTooth Landing Gear team in Noida. With the energy of the young engineering team, and advice from senior Landing Gear experts, the TimeTooth system has achieved an energy absorption efficiency of over 80%, which is considered to be the best-in-class rating in the world for such Oleo struts.

TimeTooth Technologies is the first and only private Indian company to have developed such a Landing Gear which has gone through the CEMILAC and DGAQA approvals, and is now flight tested.