Analogic Controls India Ltd

ISO 9001
Survey No: 23/2, P.O. Gundlapochampally, via, Hakimpet, Hyderabad - 500 014, Andhra Pradesh
Pradeep Dhar, Email:, Off: +91-939-4445768, Fax: +91-40-27165311

Items of Manufacturing: IIU, SASU, Timer, Igniter Testing Sys, Sequencer Unit, IRIG-B Time Code Generator/Reader, Time Distribution Sys, FMCS, GPS Based Time Code Generator, MSSRT, Vehicle Navigation Sys, Electrical & Mechanical Integration of Vehicles, RML-LCC, Range Clock Generator, Remote Clock Display, Commander Console Panel, Launcher Junction Box, LRU, Load Resistance Panel, Air Defence Gun, LRB, Rugged PCs, Geo Positioning Satellite Based Central Clock Synchronization Sys, GPS Receivers, Test Jigs, Test Panels for Launcher Assy, Power Supplies, C.G. Measurement Sys, Pressure Monitoring & Logging Unit, LCC Electrical Integration for P-II, Electrical Integration of Vehicles, Flame Time Measurement Etc.