Manufacturing Hi-Tech boats for domestic and international market

An excellent opportunity exists for MSMEs with adequate capacity and funds

to diversify into the blue skies market for Hi-Tech Small and Medium Special

Purpose Boats, both for Domestic and International Markets.


An established High-Tech International Boat Manufacturer is seeking

manufacturing Tie-ups and ready to offer Transfer of Technology/licensing

arrangements with Indian companies for achieving Cost Optimization, increase

of scale and efficiency for tapping the international market for a special purpose,

unmanned and Electric contemporary Hi-Tech boats.

Small and fast speedboats, both manned and unmanned operating in swarms

present a new paradigm in Naval Warfare and could see vast demand in

domestic as well as international markets in the near future. Additionally,

there is increasing demand for medium-sized special purpose boats for

applications such as Search and Rescue, Pursuit, Patrolling, Mine Sweeping,

Reconnaissance, Quick Reaction Teams, Anti-Submarine, Electronic warfare,

Target Acquisition, Remote survey etc. The possibilities are endless and scope

unlimited for those with sufficient scale and marketing wherewithal to foray

into this space.

Those Interested, for joint ventures, seed investment, supply of specific

components, Composite hull fabrication and related services may please get in

touch with