Rajeshwari Enterprises

ISO 9001
4-42-1012/A, Paparayudu Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500 072, Andhra Pradesh, India
Connectors, Injection moulding,
G. Harinath, Email: rajeshwariplastics@gmail.com, rajeshwariplastics@yahoo.co.in, Phn: +91(0)98664 96533, Off: +91-40-23068466, Fax: +91-40-23068466
Plastics Injection Moulding Components (Gaskets, Protection Covers, Dust Covers, All Types Of Plastic Components and Precision Connectors of Missiles, Hand Wheel of Launcher, Fly Wheel of Launcher and Protection Guards of Wire spool of Missile Protection Guards/Adaptors/Gaskets/Metallic & Non Metallic Press Gasket/Paper Laminates, Etc | Materials Like 50% G.F. Nylon & Laminated Thin Paper | Plastic Threaded Caps for Pinaca Tubes and Protection Caps for Akash & Prithvi Missiles | Instrumentation Covers, MCDU-MDL CAP, Protection Covers, Protection caps for Connectors, Plastic Bushing for Receiver, Plastic & Rubber Seals & Stopper with Flags.