AviationSpace Connect

Introducing : Aviationspace Connect
AviationSpace Connect is a premium facilitation service offered to our registered clients looking for Mergers, Acquisition, Diversification, Partnerships, Collaborative Ventures, Investments, Funding, Business Deals, Contracts, Contacts etc etc.
All you are required to do is to reach out in confidence over email, directly to the CEO at george@aviationspace.in and spell out your requirements.
With wide ranging contacts and personal connections with the ‘who is who’ in the industry, we are ideally positioned to help you out in your quest. We shall divulge details only on a need-to-know basis, till there is adequate indication of feasibility and thereafter only proceed on obtaining your consent.
Minor facilitations and assistance may be readily provided, purely on goodwill however, larger projects involving a greater degree of efforts may be priced on a case-to-case basis, depending on the level of difficulty, effort and/or time involved. Such cases would however be discussed and agreed upon apriori, be nominal, and payable only on completion of facilitation.

Disclaimer: AviationSpace does not offer any assurances or guarantees that all cases will be taken up as requested. We reserve the right of refusal based on proprietary standards and policies. Cases deemed fit to be progressed shall be pursued in earnest however, it may not be always possible to find ready prospects. If not readily available, your requirements will be duly noted and taken up as and when feasible but it must be appreciated that there can be no assurances and/or guarantees that can be provided.

Manufacturing Hi-Tech boats for domestic and international market


An excellent opportunity exists for MSMEs with adequate capacity and funds

to diversify into the blue skies market for Hi-Tech Small and Medium Special

Joint Venture- Technology Transfer


Joint Venture /Technology transfer is available from European Boat manufacturing Company that supplies advanced Boats to the Navies of various European countries.

Products for the Navy include Fast Attack Boats, Search and Rescue Boats, High-Speed Patrol Boats, Underwater vessels, Unmanned vessels, etc.