Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd

ISO 9001
Keltron Equipment Complex, Special Products Group, Karakulam, Trivandrum - 695 564, Kerala, India
Electronic Manufacturing Services,
Mr. Sabu C. Varghese, Email:, Phn: +91(0)99471 10950, Off: +91-472-2888452, Fax: +91-472-2888736

Products include Processor Based Ground Mine, Echo sounder, EM Log & Re Transmission Unit, Under Water Telephone System; Steering Gear Control System, XBT Probe, Radar Interface Unit, Static Frequency Converters, Target Simulator (For Torpedo Firing Exercise), With Floating Buoys, Torpedo Homing Unit (NST59), Cable SET-R, TME, MISS | Capabilities include expertise in the design, engineering and production of equipments as per defence standards. Expertise in the manufacture of electronic modules meeting space electronics quality and standards. Development of application software. Expertise in the design, engineering and production of power electronic equipments (upto 600kva) for nuclear power corporation.