Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd.

ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2014 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007 ISO/TS16949:2009 ISO/TS 16949:2009
Ramkrishna Chambers, 72, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata – 700017
Mahabir Prasad Jalan, mpjalan@ramkrishnaforgings.com
  Ramkrishna Forgings Limited is the fast growing forge shop in India making forging from 1 kg to 150 kgs single piece in close die forging and also upto 3000 kgs in open die forgings. Taking into account the current growth in consumption of forgings and the projected growth of the consuming sectors, it is expected that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the forging industry will be around 6% during the period 2013-17. We manufacture and supply items for Automotive, Railway, Defence, Farm Equipment and General Engineering. We are doing Closed Die Forgings from 2Kgs to 125Kgs single piece and we have battery of Drop Hammers from 0.5 Tons to 3 Tons capacity Air Hammers from 3Ton to 6.5Ton capacity. We have battery of up-setters. 6” & 5”. In Ring Rolling, we havebrand new state of art fully automated technology from SMS Meer – Germany known as Wagner Banning Mill to manufacture Ring Rolled components from 30Kgs to 75Kgs in weight, OD -500mm with yield upto 90% with a production capacity to roll 3500rings per day and 12 million rings per annum. In Press Forgings, we have fully automated line wherein RKFL is equipped with various state of art machineries and a press ranging from 2000 Ton to 12500 Ton, Wedge Press a fully automated robotic line, added with 37 nos.CNC/VMC machines. In future Ramkrishna Forgings will be moving towards Orbital and Near Net shaped Forgings and bring a new technology in this country. In Ramkrishna, we are looking at massive growth in the field of forging by putting up an open forging press to forge a single piece of 150 T and if required to go for backward integration. Ramkrishna Forgings always believes in new technologies which is cost effective, excellent quality and environmental friendly. - Forging all types- Hot / Cold (Brass, Titanium, Aluminium , Ferrous etc). For all types of parts of vehicles, weapons systems, aircrafts etc. - Metal Sheet bending/ forging, for the above related equipment. - Ammunition. - Machining / Boring aspects related to all types of equipment (including Weapon Systems) in all dimensions & fields. - Handling Research & Development, in all fields related to above. - Motor boats & engines (JV for engines manufacturing) - for full manufacturing, for Sagarmala& Inland waterways projects, in foray. - Aerospace engines related to mechanical parts & willing for JV for full aerospace engine manufacturing, including electronics. - Components of automotive parts (Nuts to Gears to Shafts to major Assembly parts) - Small Caliber Ammunition (4.6 mm ,5.56 mm ,7.62 mm .308, .338, 9 mm) - Medium Caliber Ammunition (12.7 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 57 mm)Large Caliber Ammunition (120 mm , 155 mm) - •Others (Hand Grenades, Shoulder Launched Munitions, Rocket Motors etc ) - Any other products including hard or cold forgings - Gears for Helicopter